• www.conforama.ch
  • Daily design and maintenance of the online shop
  • Designing and publishing of daily newsletters through website and mailer.
  • Developing concepts (espots, banners, online contests, etc.)
  • Flash animation
  • Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, flash, CMS,
  • Lausanne
  • 2013-2014

Conforama.ch is a e-commerce furniture Website which sells furniture, decoration, electro and high-tech products.

Altogether there are 19 shops all over Switzerland

The Website is available in 2 langages, French and German

Conforama is discount shop and therefore has a lot of promotions, sales, etc. This explains the extrem use of flashy colors on the website, such as yellow and red.The art director’s briefings for the design always included: PROMO and flashy colors

Almost every theme on the website and landing pages (special pages dedicated to Christmas, summer & garden, sales, etc.) was realized as a flash animation.


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