Patricia Vicente Branding

Her talent
For as long as she can remember, her life has been marked by expressive activities where her sensitivity and creativity could flourish:
theater, improvisation, storytelling and film.
Little did she know when she started out that voice-over would become the figurehead of her artistic life, so much did she fall in love with the microphone.

Her mission
With her talented, multi-faceted voice.
she knows how to choose the right tone of voice to convey an emotion that will sublimate and bring life to your messages.
Why work on branding
Patricia needed help structuring her thoughts and putting them into visual form.
Conceptual and reflective work.
Now she can communicate and showcase her achievements with confidence.

Her objectif to have a website and a branding:
To approach agencies and customers with whom she dreamed of working. Through her website, she wanted to take them on a journey into her world and what she could offer them.

How I helped her?

highlight what she had to offer, put her ideas in order, make them clearer and conceptualize her world in images


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