Do you have a print design
or a digital project in mind?

I can easily imagine your idea and turn it into reality.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland

Good value


Do you start a new project and need help?

I know it’s hard to find a suitable graphic designer for your project. You need someone to give life to your ideas and understand what you desire.

I am the kind of person who commits wholeheartedly to what you have in mind. I can easily imagine your project and turn it into a design. I will help you to realize your creative projects of printing, web and digital design.

Corporate Design

You may need help on the web, printing or digital design, such as:

  1. Logos
  2. brochures
  3. Brands
  4. Business letters, envelopes
  5. Identity cards
  6. Banners
  7. Newsletters.

Consider it as done! Go to my portfolio and see my previous works.

Digital project

Do you need a portfolio, showcase or e-commerce website?

I accompany and guide you in the development of your digital projects. I offer my experience and knowledge that I have acquired for several years but also since 2020 I work with a team and we offer a complete service.

Web marketing

With my experience and creativity in marketing, I will help you design, implement and manage your marketing strategy through your website or social media. Moreover, I will provide the necessary tools, different options, and useful tips.


Are you interested in photographer for?

  1. Wedding
  2. Graduations
  3. Birthday
  4. Personal portraits
  5. Family photos
  6. Corporate photos
  7. Social events

Or, do you need help with photo retouching? As:

  1. Image editing
  2. Colorimetric treatment
  3. Photomontages

My Web Service

Creation of your website

Creation of a modern, visually interesting website. From building it and putting it live (Setup, design, domain name, website building platform)

WordPress CMS

Creation of a professional site with wordpress CMS, works for your customers and, most importantly, works for your team.


Design a professional quality newsletter (to keep everyone update with your latest offers). Creation of a newsletter layout, (an email template step by step, from the header to the footer)

maintenance of your website

Can be an important part for an e-commerce website. (Link checking, Content maintenance, Redesigns, Landingpage, Picture) Add new content as well as keeping the existing content up-to-date.

Social Media

Social advertisement, reach your customers where they spend most of their time. Increase the visibility of your brand. Build relationships with your customers, increase their loyalty or generate leads.


Natural referencing. It is key to driving users straight to your website. Ensuring constant, high-quality traffic, and guaranteeing your visibility to the right audience.

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